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Your Alternative to Hospital-Based Care

  • Flukes in the process of life release toxins. An organism poisoned by them can react with allergic reactions. skin rash, eosinophilia. The transition of the disease to the chronic stage, its features, is not excluded.

A patient with a chronic form of dicroceliosis has a decrease in appetite.

  • In addition to antiparasitic drugs, a patient with dicroceliosis is prescribed. The need for antibacterial drugs arises in the presence of inflammation of a bacterial nature. To relieve pain in dicroceliosis, analgesics and antispasmodics are included in the patient's treatment regimen.

The diet of a patient with dicroceliasis should consist of cereals, vegetables, fruits. Fluke-infected patients are forced to adhere to such a diet until complete recovery (1-2 months). Diet speeds up the recovery process of the liver.

  • In addition to the diet, the doctor prescribes vitamin-mineral complexes to the patient. To cleanse the body of parasites and normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, a patient with dicroceliasis is not forbidden to use non-traditional methods of treatment.
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